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A-peeling technology: Tropical Food Machinery’s award-winning Cerere 6000 automatic banana peeler

27/04/2022 – Machinery / Tropical Food / Banana Peeler / Automatic / Cerere 6000

A-peeling technology: Tropical Food Machinery’s award-winning Cerere 6000 automatic banana peeler

Tropical Food Machinery’s patented and award-winning new automatic banana peeler ‘Cerere 6000’ has a working capacity of 6 mT/h of fresh product, and a pulp extraction yield of 60 per cent.

Last year, renowned technology prize the International FoodTec Award was received by 20 innovation projects from the food and supplier industry worldwide. One of these was Italian innovator Tropical Food Machinery’s patented automatic banana peeler ‘Cerere 6000’. Indeed, International FoodTec Award’s organiser DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) and its specialist partners recognised the Cerere 6000 as a pioneering development in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency. 

‘Cerere 6000’ guarantees a precise automatic peeling system and a reduced use of workforce; a processing of the pulp in an inert atmosphere with an anti-oxidant treatment; a constant productivity (up to 35,000 bananas per hour), and an excellent final quality.

Industrial and technological benefits

The industrial and technological advantages offered by ‘Cerere 6000’ can be summarised as follows:

• The technology requires employment of only 10-15 operators for operations related to sorting, to perform the loading operation of the banana hand on the steel cable that brings them to the chamfering unit (operation of removal of the upper edge of the banana).

• One chief advantage is clearly the rapid, automatic banana peeling. The peeling of the single fruit is performed instantly, guaranteeing a clear separation of peel and pulp.

• The Cerere 6000 ensures a highly sanitary processing environment: Constant cleaning with water of the surfaces in contact with the product facilitates the expulsion of any residual peel from the peeler.

• The technology also ensures there is no contact between pulp and atmospheric oxygen. The peeler ‘Cerere 6000’ automatically performs the peeling process in a nitrogen atmosphere chamber, thus also avoiding any contact between the pulp and the operators.

• Beyond that, the fruit also benefit from an anti-oxidant treatment on the new line. The direct contact of ascorbic and/or citric acid with the pulp avoids oxidation and preserves the natural organoleptic properties of the banana: colour, taste and firmness.

Watch the Cerere 6000 in action here

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