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BACOFOIL® launches new Non-Slip Baking Paper

24/11/2022 – Products / Bacofoil / Baking / Paper / Non-Slip / Non-Stick / Innovation

BACOFOIL® launches new Non-Slip Baking Paper

With a new and innovative solution set to eradicate the age-old nuisance of baking paper that insists on curling and sliding, Bacofoil® has re-launched its market leading Non-Stick Baking Paper in a revolutionary ‘Non-Slip’ version. 

Trying to pin down ordinary baking paper can become a bit of a comedy sketch: You start using everything in reach – a salt grinder, a baked bean tin, your chin, the list goes on. However, this challenge is set to become a thing of the past with Bacofoil®’s newly launched innovation.

The ingenious Non-Stick Baking Paper with NEW Non-Slip base smoothly suppresses the natural urge to curl, so it remains absolutely flat on the surface to which it is applied. Further enhancing its appeal, once flat the paper does not move from side to side, instead remaining exactly where it is placed, enabling the consumer to focus on the baking.

The new Non-Slip feature underlines the Bacofoil® commitment to continue to lead the way in innovation within its sector and to come up with the answer to those niggling pain-points that everyone can identify with.

An essential baking companion

“Understanding what problem our customers need to solve is an enormous advantage when it comes to new product development and can dramatically improve the odds of successful innovation,” remarked Zoe Lunn, Head of Brand Management at Bacofoil. “For years, bakers have struggled with the annoyance of their essential baking companion curling up and moving around, and have had to spend valuable time trying to flatten it out over and over again. This is exactly why the best baking paper on the market just got even better,” she said.

"Our new Non-Stick Baking Paper with NEW Non-Slip base offers even more quality and significantly optimised handling, and enables all bakers – whether professional, or at the start of their baking journey – to enjoy the fun part of baking without the hassle of having to handle unruly baking paper,” she continued.

“We strongly believe that successful innovation is about differentiation driven by granular customer understanding. Convenience is very important as consumers desire evolving product improvement that makes their busy lives easier. For 60 years, Bacofoil® has been doing just this and now, in our anniversary year, we’re proud to launch this latest solution as we continue our journey to delight and enhance our customers’ baking experience.”

Bacofoil®’s Non-Stick Baking Paper with NEW Non-Slip base is on sale now, with a recommended RSP of £3.49.

For more information about Bacofoil®’s Non-Stick Baking Paper with New Non-Slip base, visit:

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