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BRAVE launches Super Hoops: Europe’s first sustainable, high-protein, no-sugar cereal made from pulses

04/08/2022 – Products / BRAVE / Super Hoops / Europe / Protein / Sugar Free / Peas / chickpeas / Breakfast Cereal

BRAVE launches Super Hoops: Europe’s first sustainable, high-protein, no-sugar cereal made from pulses

Grain-free and soya-free, BRAVE Super Hoops is the first cereal in Europe to be made from peas and chickpeas, two of the world’s most sustainable protein sources. Available in Original and Cinnamon flavours, the new non-HFSS cereal launches in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic (UK) in August, as well as on and Amazon.

On a mission to revolutionise the cereal category, BRAVE founders Amber and Seb Fraser-Sokol set out to invent their no-cereal cereal, which delivers on taste, high nutrient density and uses biodiverse, sustainable ingredients (without any grains or soya).

After 18 months of research and development, the new non-HFSS Super Hoops solve two crucial issues of other cereals: the high sugar-induced glucose spike and the negative environmental impact.

To combat this, BRAVE’s new cereal features two major unique innovations, as described below.

Innovative sugar-free coating 

The first key innovation is a new type of sugar-free coating that delivers natural sweetness and indulgence.

Most other cereals are high in sugar and empty carbohydrates, which can cause an unhealthy spike in blood glucose, leaving people crashing and feeling hungry.

Unlike traditional cereals, Super Hoops avoid the glucose spike, by using no sugar and lower carb ingredients – delivering clean energy and keeping consumers fuller for longer, as well as helping with mental clarity and weight management in a sustainable way.

A cereal containing no grains, whey or soya

The second innovation is that Super Hoops is a cereal containing no grains, whey or soya – designed with BRAVE’s unique blend of protein and fibre, including pea protein, chickpea flour and chicory, to make it deliciously sustainable.

According to the FAO, more than 50 per cent of the world’s calories come from just three ingredients – wheat, corn and rice – which are known to be highly destructive to the environment. Traditional cereals have been primarily made from these three ingredients for the last 150 years, but BRAVE has bucked the trend by using pulses, a regenerative crop that helps to rejuvenate soil and uses significantly less water.

Additional benefits 

Additional benefits of BRAVE Super Hoops include their sustained energy release, offering “all crunch and no crash, for sustained energy throughout the day”.

The innovative cereal is high protein, delivering an impressive 34g of protein per 100g (up to five times more than other leading cereal brands).

BRAVE’s new product contains no added sugar, and only 1.8g of naturally occurring sugars per 100g (10 times less than other leading brands).

Moreover, Super Hoops are high in fibre, containing 15g per 100g in the Original flavour – up to four times more than other leading cereal brands – as well as being lower carb, with just 23g of net carbs per 100g (up to 57g less than other leading brands).

A game-changer for the glucose revolution

“The perfect cereal just didn’t exist, so we invented it,” asserts Amber Fraser, BRAVE co-founder. “The glucose revolution is here and consumers are more aware than ever about the importance of balancing our blood sugar. Delivering a cereal that tastes this indulgent while avoiding the glucose spike is game-changing for our health,” she remarked. “It took us 18 months and over 100 trials to get it right, and it was worth it. We’re so proud of Super Hoops, and we can’t wait to disrupt the category.”

Seb Sokol, co-founder of BRAVE, added: “When we looked at the category, the choice for consumers was between traditional child-focused options with minimal nutritional value, or dull health-focused products with little flavour and lacking excitement.

“There’s been a few entrants into this space recently, but as a point of differentiation, we built our proposition and price point with retail in mind since day one. There’s a huge demand for a premium healthy, zero-sugar cereal, so we know Super Hoops will add tremendous value.”

BRAVE’s Super Hoops launch is backed by Döhler Ventures and other industry leaders from Kerry Foods, Tesco and Lion Capital.

Alexandra Foster, buyer at Whole Foods Market, described BRAVE’s Super Hoops as “one of the most exciting and innovative products I've seen this year”, adding: “The category is ripe for disruption and BRAVE is answering the increased demand for delicious, healthy and sustainable options. We’re confident we’ll see strong performance.”

BRAVE Super Hoops launch in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, as well as via and on Amazon in August, with more retailers to follow throughout August and September.

RRP: £4.75 for 245g box

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