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Finnish Kåska brings new ‘boosted’ gin innovation to the low-alcohol market

09/02/2022 – Products / Beverages / Kåska / Concentrated Gin / Low-alcohol / Spirits / Finland / Nordic

Finnish Kåska brings new ‘boosted’ gin innovation to the low-alcohol market

Nordic beverage newcomer Kåska is set to launch a concentrated gin designed for low-alcohol use. The tiny bottle comes equipped with a fully biodegradable cap that also functions as a 10ml measure.

Tapping into the ever expanding low- and no-alcohol market, Finnish company Kåska’s pioneering new product – known as Smål Boosted Gin – is a 200ml bottle that may be small in stature, yet contains a gin distilled with an intense concentration of botanicals. As a result, this ‘boosted’ gin product is designed to be used in much smaller quantities compared to traditional gin. 

Initially released only to the neighbouring Danish market via the company’s online store, Kåska aims to make its products available in multiple European countries during the spring and summer of 2022.


For a serve that’s big on botanicals, yet small on booze 

“Most people are already familiar with gin, and a gin & tonic is definitely one the most popular drinks consumed overall,” notes Kåska founder, Eetu Topo. “However, when made correctly, a gin & tonic is quite a potent drink with over 10-per-cent alcohol per cocktail. I love the taste, but that’s definitely too much booze for me at least. This is why we made a gin with an enormous amount of botanical flavour – something you can use way less of per drink, but still get tasty results.”

Each bottle is equipped with a tiny 10ml measure made out of wood-based fully biodegradable Sulapac material, and one small capful is the recommended amount for one drink. By using the measure, one small 200ml bottle of Smål Boosted Gin is enough for 20 gin & tonics – at only a fraction of the alcohol, around two per cent.

“The flavour is super round and it still has the gin-kick”

Industry professionals in Denmark have immediately shown interest towards the product. Grace Anisimoff, head bartender of Aarhus-based restaurant St. Pauls Apothek, believes that the new kind of gin will impress the Danes. “The flavor is super round and it still has the gin-kick to it, the concept that you only need a tiny bit is really cool. I don’t think people have tried that before so they’ll remember it.”

After the debut of Kåska’s first product – a low-alcohol spirit called Kåska Casual in 2020 – the low-alc specialists have been keeping busy, creating new, innovative ways of concentrating flavours and staying on top of the low-alcohol megatrend. “For us, it’s important to keep moving forward. The low-alcohol drinks category is still very young; this is the time where future innovations for the rapidly developing field are made and we want to be on top of the game,” Mr Topo stated. “Smål Boosted Gin is now our third product, and this year we are looking to introduce multiple new products that aim to completely reshape the way we enjoy adult beverages.”

“Our goal is to become the most impactful drinks company in the world”

According to Kåska’s founder, the company is driven by the desire to create positive change. “We Europeans have long traditions of gathering around drinks to have fun, but alcohol also plays a big role in creating negative social problems too,” noted Mr Topo. “Creating low alcohol drinks is only a part of the solution – and we have made it our mission to support organisations that work with loneliness-related social issues.

“Smål Boosted Gin has 43-per-cent alcohol by volume on its own, so we give out 4.3 per cent from our sales margin for each bottle sold,” he advised. “We follow a similar model with all the products we make, and our ultimate goal is to eventually become the most impactful drinks company in the world.”

Read more about Kåska’s impact here

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