Freestar’s 0.0% ABV beer is a winner for both planet and consumer

01/02/2021 – Beverages / Alcohol-free / Beer / Gluten-free / Vegan / 0.0%ABV / Sustainability / Freestar / UK

Freestar’s 0.0% ABV beer is a winner for both planet and consumer

Award-winning beer brand Freestar has succeeded in its mission to provide the first truly alcohol-free, great tasting, sustainable beer.

Established in 2019 by co-founders Eddy Dallas, Felix von Hurter and Charlie Crawley, the British firm went on to be crowned a World Beer Award winner that same year in the UK's best low alcohol beer category.

The founders of Freestar reveal that the key to the great taste they are able to achieve in their product lies in the fermentation: As opposed to the typical fermentation process, which removes alcohol from full strength beer to create a non-alcoholic product, Freestar blends 100-per-cent natural ingredients without yeast, which guarantees its 0.0-per-cent ABV.

Certified B Corporation

In July 2020, Freestar became the first alcohol-free beer to certify as a B Corporation, with a common goal of building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Indeed, Freestar’s focus on sustainable manufacturing has worked to dramatically improve the environmental footprint of the final product. The brand’s unique production process emits an impressive 90 per cent less Co2, uses 80 per cent less water, 80 per cent less energy and creates 70 per cent less waste than other production methods.

Products with ethical environmental claims are emphatically on the rise, as consumer attitudes to sustainability evolve – and Freestar’s status as the first certified B Corporation in the alcohol-free beer space places it well in the eyes of the increasingly important ‘conscious consumer’.  

Tapping into the ‘free-from’ trend

In tandem, Consumers are increasingly opting for healthier, plant-based products – especially in light of the on-going Covid pandemic, which has “led to a fundamental reset in human behaviour”, according to a recent Mintel report. 

Health and wellbeing are today vital concerns, as is delivering flavour and quality. Freestar has tapped into such trends with its premium-tasting beer, which is not only 0.0-per-cent alcohol, but is also gluten-free, vegan and contains just 62 calories per 330ml.

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