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Our lowdown on new F&B products tapping into the  vegan trend

26/01/2021 – Trends / Veganuary / Vegan / Products / UK

Our lowdown on new F&B products tapping into the vegan trend

In its eighth year, Veganuary has gained a record 500,000 sign-ups this year, with a huge 25 per cent of those being Brits. Food & Beverage Networker takes a look at some of the new F&B product launches tapping in to the growing vegan trend.

The Veganuary challenge, which has surpassed last year’s record of 400,000 and has seen participants from over 192 countries, encourages people to be more environmentally conscious by adopting a plant-based lifestyle throughout the month of January. With interest growing, The Vegan Society predicts that by 2025 a quarter of Brits will be vegan or vegetarian.

The rise in participation and demand for vegan products led to the launch of more than 1,200 new vegan products and menus in the UK in 2020 alone proving for many, veganism is for life, not just for Veganuary.

With many becoming more socially conscious and vegan products being in demand now more than ever, we’ve compiled a list of top new vegan food & drink brands and products – from alcoholic beverages to jams to DIY burger kits.

Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk (£13.80, case of six)

Bottleshot’s Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk introduces the right balance of nutty and naturally sweet notes to their original cold brew. They’ve made sure the flavour isn't excessively sweet so that it still tastes like a proper coffee drink. It's dairy-free with no added sugars.


Bottleshot is a cold brew coffee brand, made the New Orleans way – low, slow and steady. It’s big on flavour and smooth caffeine. Available at Whole Foods Market, Soho House, and launching soon on Ocado.

Boozy Boocha Berry Mischievous (£2.80)

Boozy Boocha has taken a 2000-year-old beverage and added a modern twist for today’s evolved consumer. Boasting a four-per-cent ABV, a multitude of antioxidants, minerals, probiotics as well as a tantalizing taste and zero artificial flavours, refined sugars or gluten, Boozy Boocha is a deviously delicious vegan drink that makes your present and future self-feel great. With delightful flavours such ‘Cheeky Pineapple’ and ‘Berry Mischievous’, the founders have found the perfect balance between acting a little naughty while doing the body, mind, and spirit good. With a pledge to donate one per cent of profits to Plastic Oceans, UK and a dedication to implementing sustainable practices, Boozy Boocha allows consumers to enjoy an ocean’s worth of flavour, fun and philanthropy with every sip.

Single Variety Co Jalapeño Jam (£5.00)

Quite possibly the world’s most delicious jam. Single Variety Co’s Great Taste Award winning Jalapeño Jam is not your average chilli jam. The firm combines Jalapeños (lots of them) with apple cider vinegar and sugar to create this spicy sweet delight that’s perfect to spice up brunches, lunches and dinners. Packed full with Jalapeños, this chilli jam delivers a powerful kick of flavour and heat. As the firm’s name suggests, every jam it makes uses just one single variety. For each of its chilli jams, the firm therefore chooses a different chilli variety to give a different heat level and flavour.

Mooshies What’s Ur Beef At Home Meal Kit for two (£20.00)

Mooshies is widely regarded as one of London’s best vegan burgers – and like many, the team has created a DIY at home kit. However, this DIY kit stands head and shoulders above the rest, in our mind. The What’s Ur Beef At Home Meal Kit is available nationwide and brings the sweet delicious taste of Mooshies right to the customer’s kitchen. You will receive all the items you need to make their signature vegan burger in the comfort of your own home. Choose your fries and buns at the checkout (‘gluten free’ also available at checkout).


I AM NUT OK NeroMinded Black Truffle Not Cheese (£6.99)

This eye-catching black cheese, highlighted by its gleaming turmeric vein and splash of the golden spice on top, will steal the heart of any truffle lover. The earthy, pungent aroma of black truffle, brought together with an accent of garlic and cheesiness, gives a luxurious flavour that will blow your mind. That’s why it’s called ‘NeroMinded' – once your taste buds get a hit, it’ll be the only thing on your mind.

OGGS Millionaire Shortbread Bites (£2.25, available in Sainsbury's)

OGGS is the brains behind many delicious plant-based snacks, but their newly launched Millionaire Shortbread Bites are to die for. The crumbly Bites are the most exquisite plant-based snack we’ve tried to date. OGGS has removed egg and dairy from all products and ensure they’re using less CO2 to produce their range of products.

Naughty Water mixed case (12 cans, £24.99)

Brought to you by Charlie Brake, Naughty water is a sparkling water drink infused with natural flavourings and vodka (5 per cent ABV). This sublime drink is vegan/keto friendly and gluten free – and ideal for those seeking something light and refreshing. Zero carbs, zero sugar, and with less than 72 calories in a 250ml can. This mixed case contains 4 x Sparkling Orange, 4 x Sparkling Cranberry & 4 x Sparkling Mango Passion, to really get your taste buds going.

amie rose (£15 per bottle)

amie rosé wine is produced in the renowned wine region of the Languedoc in the south of France. Made from 100-per-cent Cinsault, a grape native to the Languedoc, the vegan wine is fresh and vibrant with bouquet characteristics, packed with red berry flavours and a touch of cherry blossom. amie (12 per cent alcohol, 75cl) pairs well with salads, fish, grilled chicken, or on its own on a summer day. Serve chilled. 

Misfits Protein Bar (£18.00, box of 12)

Misfits Health launched its plant-powered protein bar last year. The Misfits Vegan Protein Bar range bridges the gap between traditional whey-based protein bars (but without the artificial sweeteners), and plant-based natural snacks. The brand is challenging the traditional protein bar market by offering shoppers a plant-based, high protein, low sugar option. Chocolate coated, triple layered, with a gooey middle, these bars pack in 15g protein with less than 1g sugar per bar. They are 100-per-cent vegan and available in nine delicious flavours.

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