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Oxford to host UK’s first ever unstaffed, 24-hour ramen bar

06/10/2022 – Retail / Restaurant / Oxford / UK / Ramen / Contactless / QSR / EZ 24

Oxford to host UK’s first ever unstaffed, 24-hour ramen bar

The UK’s first ever 24-hour ramen bar is coming to Oxford. With no waiting staff, no booking and no waiting, consumers will be able to enjoy ramen 24 hours a day.

EZ 24 Ramen is coming to the city of Oxford later this winter, and promises to bring with it a food revolution. Since the pandemic, people's eating habits and work habits have changed. With more people remote working, and many consumers looking for a contactless exchange when eating out, EZ 24 Ramen is here to offer a different kind of experience.


EZ 24 Ramen understands that the work habits of students and other segments of the community don't always fit a 9 to 5 model. The pressure of eating at a restaurant could prove off-putting to the growing number of people eating by themselves, or for those wishing to grab a big bowl of ramen while remote working.

Ramen with a side-order of art and NFTs

Beyond such considerations, EZ 24 Ramen is also set on bringing digital art and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to each ramen bar. When it opens, the Oxford store will boast its own art gallery, featuring 44 artists worldwide – allowing people to see unique art and learn about NFTs while eating their ramen.

EZ 24 Ramen’s founder, Indra Tor, is herself an artist and a food lover, and oftentimes found it difficult to find a place to eat late at night or during busy times when she just wanted to sit and work or sit and read a book.

Tor is a fan of NFTs and how the dawn of these unique cryptographic tokens have changed many artists' lives, – from those who never previously had a sale, to artists who have struggled to release work in countries where it is restricted.

EZ 24 Ramen is even going one step further, demonstrating to consumers the good that an NFT can do by dropping a Mukbang NFT at the end of October. Owning this will mean you can eat at any EZ 24 for free with no catch – free food whenever you want, which most likely makes this the first of its kind in the UK. “We believe no other restaurant can offer that,” the company said in a statement. “We also have ensured that the NFT is green and that no plastic or paperwork is needed to enjoy the benefits of free food.”

Contactless and safe, with subscription model

Additionally, the new Oxford store will have no staff. Instead, consumers will enter the store, grab whatever noodles they want on display, and then customise it with any of our toppings. These include pickles, kimchi, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, fishcake and more.

Then, using special machines, the food will be cooked within three minutes right in front of you. 

EZ 24 Ramen stores are also aiming to bring a little of japan to the UK with vending machines selling drinks and local business products, from ice cream to meal kits. “You never know what you might find,” said the company. 

The new Oxford store will also feature pinball, arcade machines, and plug sockets so that diners can charge their laptops while watching the next big Netflix show.

EZ 24 Ramen’s pricing model starts at around £1.70 a day, which the company is confident is the cheapest bowl of ramen you could eat. The firm’s pricing model is also subscription-based. You get a private code to enter the store as a paid subscriber. “The store is not otherwise open to non-paid members as we want to safeguard the store and anyone inside, as eating late at night you want the security you are safe,” the firm noted.

The company also offers options for day passes and week passes for those who wish to give EZ 24 a try. 

Embracing the new “in an organic setting”

"I wanted to create a forward-thinking place that looks at how people live their lives today,” remarked Indra Tor, Co-Founder. “The world has changed, and people's habits are different. EZ Ramen is about being forward-thinking about technology and how we can create a restaurant that is different and embraces new things, but also allow people to learn. There's a lot of negativity sometimes around new tech, and we want to show people in an organic setting that if done right, the tech can be used to great effect and, of course, serve them some good ramen."

Further information is available at EZ 24 Ramen’s website, including details about the brand’s Mukbang NFT and when it will drop. Only 5,000 of these will ever be made available, the company said in a statement.

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