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Tofu Tasty launches ‘Craft Tofu Knots’ in the UK

13/06/2022 – Products / Tofu / Tofu Tasty / Craft Knots / Bonnie Chung / UK / Waitrose

Tofu Tasty launches ‘Craft Tofu Knots’ in the UK

Tofu Tasty – the new sister company to Bonnie Chung’s award-winning Miso Tasty – has launched Craft Tofu Knots exclusively in Waitrose stores, amid strong UK consumer interest in the dried tofu delicacy. 


When Bonnie Chung appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch in January this year, she showcased a dish made using dried tofu knots – this led to a 900-per-cent increase in searches for this type of tofu on Google. Social media was awash with requests on how to get hold of this ingredient – and as a result, Asian food expert and cookbook author Bonnie decided to launch a sister brand to her award-winning company Miso Tasty

Reimagining an ancient Asian staple

Tofu Tasty re-imagines the ancient Asian staple ingredient Tofu for a modern audience that is looking for nutritious, satisfying and natural ways to eat well, with more plant-based meals and less meat. In July, the company will exclusively launch into Waitrose its range of dried Tofu Knots.

Dried Tofu is a relatively unknown ingredient in the UK. It is considered a delicacy in China and Japan but Tofu Tasty’s launch will be the first time dried tofu has been made available in UK supermarkets. This special ingredient is an all-natural, nutrient-rich, gluten-free, vegan plant-based item that boasts 45-per-cent protein – higher than any fresh meat. The knots are made purely from soybeans and water and will become the new store cupboard staple you won’t be able to live without.

Tofu knots are made from the top layer of soy milk that has been dried and hand-twisted into various shapes – somewhat similar to pasta but with a whopping 45-per-cent protein. This dried tofu has a more intense flavour than fresh tofu – creamier and more savoury. The knots are chewy and flaky and great for those who want some bite from tofu.

‘Aimed at passionate and experimental foodies’

The company said that its new tofu knots are ‘aimed at passionate and experimental foodies, vegans and vegetarians, or those just wanting to reduce the amount of meat in their diet but in a healthy, natural way’. Lovers of Asian cuisines and ingredients will also delight in discovering a new ingredient to add to their pantry for last-minute dinners. Tofu knots can replace meat or fish in a stir-fry, as well as act as a base instead of pasta. The product’s high protein and texture means it’s also much more satisfying than jackfruit or cauliflower steak as a centre-plate vegetarian meal. The company said the signature way to enjoy the product is to crisp up the knots and coat them with a deliciously tasty sauce.

Bonnie Chung recently published the best-selling cookbook Tofu Tasty’, which features 60 inventive and versatile recipes to rethink and challenge how to use tofu in everyday cooking. In line with the book, Ms Chung has devised a number of new, imaginative recipes to accompany the launch of the tofu knots to showcase how versatile dried tofu can be cooked: from crispy-fried knots in a sweet and spicy Korean sauce; to a comforting cheesy traybake; stir-fried in a sweet garlic soy sauce and braising them to top a simple noodle soup for added texture.

"It is rare to have the chance to introduce something completely new in food,” remarked Ms Chung, who added that she cannot wait for consumers to discover for themselves what a staple these tofu knots will become in their pantries. “Dried tofu has always been a reliable cupboard ingredient for me, ready to be knocked-up into satisfying nutritious dishes. In particular, my vegetarian friends have been begging me to launch this for years, so since they became so popular following the TV show and book, I am so excited to be the first to finally make tofu knots available in the UK." 


Tofu Tasty’s Craft Tofu Knots will be available exclusively from Waitrose from July 2022, priced £3.29 per 300g pack.

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