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Top Gum evolves gummy category with sugar-free, organic innovation

18/01/2023 – Products / TopGum / Gummies / Vitamins / Sugar-Free / Organic / US / Nutraceuticals

Top Gum evolves gummy category with sugar-free, organic innovation

Innovative producer TopGum Industries Ltd has launched its latest offering of sugar-free, organic gummies to the nutritional health supplement category. 

The curated collection of five gummies includes gummies that deliver a range of ingredients such as the B-vitamin Biotin, Vitamin D, and a delicious antioxidant balanced berry blend. TopGum’s new line also includes flavour-challenging ingredients like Zinc and Ashwagandha, making them more palatable for everyone to enjoy. 

Ticking all the boxes

According to Top Gum’s VP of R&D and Open Innovation, Amit Hyzkihu, precision is the key to the new delivery system that makes sugar-free claims and organic certification possible. “Ticking the boxes that customers expect like sugar-free and organic, and keeping the flavour palatable is highly complex,” said Hyzkihu. “Developing the delivery system requires a highly intricate process of sourcing the right materials, handling the active ingredients with care, and knowing how they will react to the gummy process are especially important, as well.”

TopGum developed the innovation that made the sugar-free delivery system possible without using sugar, sweeteners of any kind, or sugar alcohols, but instead relying on the natural sweetness of the ingredient in the matrix of the gummies to provide a delicious taste experience.

The new line of gummies is a clear demonstration of TopGum’s agility in gummy supplements, having just announced this summer their designation of the company as a USDA-certified organic manufacturer. The highly sought-after certification calls attention to TopGum’s adherence to the strict standards of the National Organic Program for producing and bottling organic products. 

An “evolution in high-end supplementation” 

“Our organic-certified gummies are the next evolution in high-end supplementation,” explained Amichai Bar Nir, CEO of Top Gum. “Although they contain no additional sweeteners, they still deliver the same sensory enjoyment of a traditional sugar-sweetened gummy, but without the sugar,” he said. “We want our customers to be able to look forward to taking their supplements. Pills and capsules are not as much fun as enjoying a gummy that’s both delicious and good for you.”

The new line joins TopGum’s impressive catalogue of nutraceutical-enriched gummies that are marketed as private-label supplements. TopGum also offers custom formulations to supplement brands looking to formulate and offer gummies with their own ingredients. Using TopGum’s service, brands can take advantage of the growing gummy market faster than if they had to develop the technology on their own. 

The gummy delivery system has been capturing the nutraceutical market, having growth markers that show the gummy is fast becoming America’s favourite way to take their vitamins. TopGum began its journey in Gummiceuticals™ in 2017, well ahead of the gummy boom that took America by storm in the last two years. Their early start is another reason Hyzkihu believes they are ahead of what other companies can offer. 

“The launch of this line is only the beginning,” Hyzkihu revealed in closing. “High dosages, exotic botanicals, if you can dream it, we can deliver it in a delicious gummy.”

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