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Retailers launch vegan steak bake, meatball sub, 'pepperphoni' pizza and KFC burger for Veganuary

Retailers launch vegan steak bake, meatb

Participants of Veganuary will be spoiled for choice on any British high street this month as retailers launch vegan variations on their classic meat dishes. Pizza Hut has released a new ‘Pepperphoni Pizza’ while Greggs’ long-awaited vegan steak bake has now arrived in stores, alongside a vegan KFC burger and even a vegan meatball marinara Subway sandwich.

“While vegan options are not new to the high street, the choices have reached new heights this year,” reported Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s Head of Communications. “And it isn’t niche items with unfamiliar ingredients or unusual flavour combos – it’s their best selling items, just done vegan,” he pointed out. “Retailers have finally realised that vegans like the same tastes and textures as everyone else, we just don’t want animals to be harmed for our food.”


2020 is already shaping up to be the biggest year yet for the Veganuary initiative, with 325,000 people signed up and one person still signing up every three seconds. Rock legends Brian May and Meat Loaf, Eastenders’ Kellie Bright and former Dragon Deborah Meaden are among the 2020 participants.

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