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01/05/2020 – News / Sustainability / Health / SIAL / Paris / 2020 / / Future Food

SIAL and launch consultation to promote healthier, more sustainable future food sector

SIAL and launch consultation to
Nicolas Trentesaux, General Director of SIAL Paris

Leading food & beverage industry innovation platform SIAL PARIS 2020 and French-headquartered social progress NGO have launched a consultation to highlight tomorrow’s solutions for a healthier and more eco-friendly worldwide food industry.

Before the Coronavirus crisis, rising consumer awareness and the rapid growth of the worldwide population were already driving the agri-food industry to rethink the way it works. Today, the industry is facing an unprecedented pressure to meet the new demand and cope with new restrictions designed to stop the spread of the disease.


“Health, transparency, eco-responsibility, food justice – the pandemic has brought to the spotlight many of the deep issues impacting our industry. Indeed, never has the need for change and reinvention been so strong,” the two companies said in a statement. “Food professionals of the world, we are calling on you to pool your collective intelligence, develop solutions together as a community, to offer food that’s healthy, balanced, eco-friendly, fair and available to the greatest number.”




In October, the 2020 edition of SIAL Paris is set to launch a new dynamic by opening debates around a powerful and unifying theme: #Own the Change. 


At a time of transitions, reinventions and global social responsibility we want to unite food professionals across the world around the major transformations taking place in the industry.


We will always need to eat, but the changes on the horizon are huge. Between now and 2030, the worldwide population will rise from 7.6 to 8.6 billion (United Nations Report, 2017).


This enormous increase represents an immense challenge for the food community. Making sure there will be enough to eat obviously comes before innovation, but there are new paradigms to take into account: producing more while polluting less, exploring new supply sources, becoming more transparent…


New approaches that respect people and the environment have to be initiated or reinforced. That’s why SIAL Paris is urging the food community to seize the reins of change and imagine tomorrow’s solutions together.


“Our relationship to food is changing”


“Our relationship to food is changing and we have to make new choices,” noted Nicolas Trentesaux, General Director of SIAL Paris. “We have to urgently re-think our relationship with agriculture and the transformation and distribution of products to deliver consumers an experience that makes sense. At the SIAL, we believe that business performance is only meaningful if it brings improvements to health, the environment and society as a whole.


Our role is to understand, analyse and incite change by giving our exhibitors and visitors, who are the first to be affected, the keys to create the solutions of the future,” he stressed. 


“SIAL is committed,” he continued. “We are a founding member of the Great Cause – ‘How can we enable everyone to eat better’ – with and its partners. The aim is to give strong, international resonance to the best propositions from the public, generate avenues for development through our own consultation with the worldwide food industry, and put the ideas into action collectively.


“We want to involve all food professionals in all their diversity who can offer their solutions on from today until the end of May, and participate in their concrete development at SIAL Paris in October,” Mr Trentesaux concluded.


Call to action – participate!


If you would like to give your opinion on such solutions, and submit your own, please go to:


The deadline for submissions is 29th May, and the results of this consultation will be shared by the end of June. During SIAL Paris 2020, the best propositions will be transformed into concrete actions for the industry.


SIAL Paris – the world’s largest food innovation exhibition – returns from 18–22 October 2020. For more details, visit:

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