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Tata Chemicals launches fortified salt products for cattle

Lake Magadi, nestled in the Rift Valley, is the source of all Kenya’s indigenously produced salt. As part of a diversification strategy, Tata Chemicals Magadi began to look at ways to make more of its untapped resource and build its profile in the East African country’s agricultural sector. The launch of two flagship salt products for the Kenyan livestock is the culmination of a long journey of market analysis and the acquisition of new marketing skills.


 “We began by conducting a dipstick analysis to understand how best we can exploit this untapped resource,” informed Jackson Mbui, Managing Director. “The feedback we received from the market challenged us to rethink and adopt an integrated strategy. We identified a clear need to invest in marketing ourselves to the Kenyan farmer. Our success depended on the ability to create awareness outside Magadi since our salt brands were unknown.


“The products were designed to increase meat and milk production,” he continued. “We looked at opportunities to position the brand and differentiate ourselves to deliver a competitive advantage. Following a stage gate process, we have successfully launched two brands: Magadi Moore Nyama and Magadi Mooore Maziwa.” 

The products have been launched in a phased approach since April 2017, according to Ms Maureen Thuku, Tata Chemicals Magadi’s Brand Manager, who emphasised that farmers should experience the brand as a ‘one stop shop’ that provides best practices in farm and livestock management. “We have partnered with veterinarians in each region of the country to offer product knowledge and aftersales support to farmers,” she said, adding that market response has thus far been positive.



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