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24/09/2019 – News / Food Processing / Ingredients / tropextrakt / Germany / Anuga

tropextrakt to present trends and technical processes at Anuga 2019

tropextrakt to present trends and techni

Frankfurt-headquartered ingredients specialist tropextrakt will be presenting a wide range of innovative and exotic solutions at this year’s Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for the food and drink industry. Highlights include extracts of mate, guarana, acerola and acai; select juices in HPP quality, and pure juices made of exotic, exquisite citrus fruits such as yuzu and calamansi. Furthermore, tropextrakt’s exhibition stand will appear half innovative ideas laboratory and half nightclub bar, where visitors will be treated to some of the firm’s exotic recipes in the form of cocktails.

Mate, guarana, acerola and açai are among the extracts that tropextrakt will be presenting this year. They form part of the Fruition Botanicals Line, under which partner company Duas Rodas offers plant essences of the highest quality. The select extracts are known for their high function and added value.


Functional flavours and ‘green energy’


Currently, mate is shaping the trend towards ‘green energy’ as the basis for a new generation of energy drinks. In contrast to artificial or natural caffeine, which is extracted from coffee through intensive processing, mate is a completely natural product. Gentle processing means it offers ingredients that improve the body’s absorption of the caffeine it contains. Valuable substances such as polyphenols and theobromine also have a positive impact on the body. Mate reduces appetite and boosts fat burning. Due to its high levels of vitamins and minerals, mate can almost be thought of as a nutritional supplement. The mate that tropextrakt sells contains standardised levels of caffeine, polyphenols and theobromine, allowing it to incorporate the positive effects of these ingredients into its products. Guarana is also known as a natural stimulant with a refreshing effect that is gentler and lasts longer than that of coffee. Energy drinks – typically thought of as unhealthy and artificial – can be both effective and healthy through the use of such ingredients, in addition to offering a pleasant, natural taste.


The acerolacherry is known for its high vitamin C content of 1,000–4,000mg per 100g of fruit. tropextrakt and Duas Rodas offer acerola as a product line with different levels of natural vitamin C – between 17 and 25 per cent of natural ascorbic acid. As a natural source of vitamin C, acerola is used in many different areas of food production, for instance as an additive in fruit juices, in nutritional supplements, or as a refined addition to candies and ice cream. The organic variation of this fruit powder is primarily used in the organic baking industry to improve dough properties.


Açaí, a fruit originating from the Amazon region, is considered around the world to be a superfood offering many different nutritional benefits. Scientific studies have proven the different nutritional properties of açai fruit and the synergy between its different components, primarily polyphenols, fibres and mono- and polyunsaturated fats.


Exotic juices in HPP quality


In partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer Chia Meei Food Corporation, tropextrakt continues to offer its customers select juices in HPP quality. These include watermelon, pineapple, lychee, soursop, and its exotic ‘tropical plus’ blend.


In the food industry, there are different ways to make products shelf-stable. One of the gentlest manufacturing processes is high-pressure processing (HPP), which kills germs and bacteria using high-pressure levels. The added value of this process is that it not only retains vitamins and minerals, it also preserves the fresh, original taste of the fruits. Black Beauty watermelons are used to produce HPP quality watermelon juice, a highly aromatic variety. The most popular and most well known melon in Germany, watermelons are fruity, fresh, a true thirst quencher, and popular among kids and adults alike.


Exclusive citrus fruits still on trend


Tropical citrus fruits remain on trend, thanks to their unique tastes – and they remain highly popular on the European market.


The juice of the Asian citrus fruit, the yuzu, is a sumptuous delicacy. It has such an incomparable, intense and diverse flavour that just a few drops are enough to add a highly aromatic, sour, bitter and spicy note and flowery aroma to any food or drink. Its complex citrus aroma is slightly bitter, like a grapefruit, and yet sweet like a mandarin orange. It is a great choice for producing fruity-fresh ice creams or creamy fruit yogurt, and for making outstanding, refreshing drinks or adding to cocktails or smoothies. The yuzu also gives first-class fruit juices and invigorating shakes an unmistakable flavour, and can be added to candies, marmalades or baked goods.


The calamansi is one of the most exciting new discoveries tropextrakt has made for its customers. It is a very small citrus fruit, the cross between a mandarin orange and oval kumquat. The unique aroma of the calamansi is perfect for exotic taste experiences, and pairs perfectly with familiar ingredients like oranges, apples, yellow plums, currants, and herbs and spices such as cinnamon, peppermint or vanilla. tropextrakt has already tested these and other combinations in its own laboratory, where the company develops specialised applications for food and drink industry customers upon request.


Laboratory or nightclub?


tropextrakt will receive its visitors at an exhibition stand designed as a cross between a laboratory and nightclub. The product development team of the Frankfurt-based company will be offering individually developed and freshly mixed drinks at a large bar counter. Besides smoothies and natural soft and juice-based drinks, these will also include the growing group of trending beverages such as natural energy or wellness drinks.


This tradeshow concept stands for the individual approach that characterises tropextrakt’s entire consultancy and development process. The company supports its clients from the idea through to the bottling of new drinks. Here we draw on our extensive experience in terms of which exotic flavours harmonise well with established ingredients as well as our knowledge on which trends dominate the European and global beverage market. In addition, tropextrakt's services also include client support from its in-house quality management department – for example, for the documentation.  


From 4pm on each day of the trade fair, tropextrakt will also be inviting interested visitors to taste its exotic recipes in the form of cocktails.


Visit tropextrakt @ Anuga 2019 in Cologne

5–9 October 2019

Hall 8, Stand D111


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