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Heura: The next generation of plant-based meat from the Mediterranean

02/12/2021 – Products / Plant-Based / Heura / Meat / Chicken / Beef / Burgers

Heura: The next generation of plant-based meat from the Mediterranean

Newly launched in the UK, Heura is the next generation of 100-per-cent plant-based chicken, beef and pork – touted not as meat alternatives but rather as ‘meat successors’. 

The Barcelona-based startup offers an array of plant-based products – ‘chicken’ chunks and strips, ‘beef’ meatballs and burgers, and ‘pork’ sausages – that not only taste as good as meat but are healthier, benefiting both the consumer and the planet. Moreover, Heura embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle, using olive oil to create the juiciest, most flavoursome product.


The company’s ‘chicken’ chunks – made using non-GMO soy – have a juicy, meaty texture so convincing that 99 per cent of consumers think they’re eating meat. Ideal for those looking to transition to a more sustainable but equally delicious diet, Heura’s versatile products offer a delicious option for meat-eaters and vegans alike.

 “I used to think that vegans were saints for all their sacrifices,” remarked one consumer. “However, after trying Heura, that viewpoint no longer has any merit.”

Plant-powered solutions to meat industry-powered problems 

Switching to Heura could have a remarkable impact when it comes to resource conservation and sustainability in the food system, not least in terms of reduced water consumption: By simply swapping out the chicken from a salad and replacing with Heura would save the equivalent of a week’s worth of showers. 


“Providing an efficient, sustainable and delicious alternative to meat, at Heura we are accelerating the plant-based transition of global food systems,” noted Heura co-founder, Marc Coloma, “and generating plant-powered solutions to problems created by the meat industry.”

Clean label and strong nutritional profile, yet with the same great taste as meat


Heura personifies the Mediterranean in its products, using olive oil and keeping the rest of the ingredients list short – with just soy, salt and spices to achieve a delicious taste and meaty texture.


Heura focuses on providing solutions rather than creating alternative problems, maintaining the same amount of protein yet 60 per cent less saturated fat than regular chicken. With such a strong nutritional profile and the same great taste as meat, Heura really is changing the game when it comes to plant-based meat.


Using minimal ingredients and a smaller carbon footprint to recreate the same taste and texture as meat, Heura said that it is “on a mission to create solutions that make the current food system obsolete and accelerate the transition to a world in which animals are out of the protein production equation.”

For more information on Heura products, go to: or connect on the socials – Instagram: @heurafoods.eng, Twitter: @HeuraFoods, and Facebook:

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