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10/11/2022 – Ingredients / ADM / Food / Gulfood / Nutrition / Reformulation

ADM: Formulating the Future

Multinational food processor ADM is a leading supplier of ingredients for F&B developers across an array of categories. Ahead of ADM’s appearance at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, Andrew Truscott – Managing Director, Middle East – describes both dominant consumer trends and the innovative solutions that ADM’s nutritional experts are formulating in response to such dynamics.  

Q. More customers than ever are today seeking out more targeted health solutions. How is ADM addressing individual consumer lifestyles and nutritional needs through its portfolio?

“Balanced wellness is top of mind for today’s consumers, with many proactively seeking out personalised options to support their individual goals. In fact, 63 per cent of consumers say they are interested in food and drink products that are customised to meet their individual nutritional needs. Consumers want options that align with their unique life stages and lifestyles, and are increasingly more in tune with their health and wellness goals. As a result, people are taking a more proactive approach to managing their holistic well-being through functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

“The microbiome is a key growth area for personalised solutions, as more consumers link gut and digestive health to overall well-being. Our research shows that 58 per cent of global consumers perceive a connection between the function of bacteria in the gut to wider aspects of well-being.

“Our comprehensive research efforts and expert scientists continually identify new microbial strains that can meet targeted aspects of well-being, including our BPL1™ (Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis CECT 8145), which can help support factors associated with metabolic health. Plus, solutions like our heat-treated version of BPL1™ are opening doors for more enticing, innovative and personalised product development due to its ability to remain stable during harsh processing conditions. Specifically, at Gulfood Manufacturing, our heat-treated BPL1™ will be featured in concepts like our citrus mix and functional breakfast drink.”

Q. Indulgence remains a key driver for consumers who are nonetheless looking to follow a healthier diet. How is ADM responding to this desire for better-for-you treats and snacks?

“As consumers continue to focus on both physical and emotional well-being, better-for-you treats and snacks are gaining momentum. This comes at a time when consumers are adopting purposeful indulgence practices, with 65 per cent of global consumers stating that ‘indulgence’ can still be part of living a healthy lifestyle. 

“We use our diverse portfolio of flavours and colours, and combine them with functional ingredients like microbiome-supporting solutions to help brands provide fun and functional offerings. Notably, at Gulfood Manufacturing, we’ll be showcasing our functional offerings through indulgent yet purposeful concepts. For instance, ADM/Matsutani LLC’s Fibersol® – a cutting-edge soluble dietary fibre – is featured in both our vegan mint chocolate chip cookie and gummy bear concepts. This is alongside other ingredients from our library of plant proteins, botanicals, microbial strains and sweeteners, as well as our flavours and colours derived from natural sources.”

Q. As the ever-evolving plant-based segment continues to gain momentum, how is ADM innovating to capture consumer attention in this area of the market?

“Global plant consumers – defined as vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians – are greatly motivated by plant-based products featuring health, nutritional and environmental attributes. As such, the plant-based market continues to expand, as consumers increasingly demand alternatives to traditional protein offerings. 

“We have a long legacy in plant protein solution development. For over 75 years, we’ve continually advanced our offerings and knowledge in this space with new technologies, processing techniques and natural ingredients. Our ever-expanding portfolio today includes well over 30 diverse plant protein sources, ranging from pea, soy, beans and pulses, as well as ancient grains, wheat, nuts and seeds. Additionally, our pantry of flavours, colours and complementary ingredients help brands develop alternative, plant-forward offerings with consumer-preferred sensory experiences and elevated nutrition. 

“We’ll be showcasing our deep expertise in the alternative protein space while at Gulfood Manufacturing through innovative, authentic plant-based concepts. For example, our plant-based lamb kebab concept is created with our EU-sourced soy proteins, as well as our AccelFlex™ systems to replicate the gold standard bite and chew of a traditional kebab. This is just one example of how we’re driving forward innovation in the alternative protein arena.”

Q. What other key current and emerging consumer trends can you identify? And how is ADM responding to such dynamics?

“The world population is rapidly growing and is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, which is up from 7.8 billion in 2020, according to data from the United Nations. As more resources are needed to feed a growing population, trust, transparency and social responsibility are at the foundation of our efforts in this space. 

“From soil to table, consumers are curious about where their food comes from, who made it, and precisely what ingredients are included. Globally, 73 per cent of consumers say they feel more positively about companies that are transparent regarding where and how products were made, raised or grown. 

“Consumers are also demanding higher standards from companies they purchase from with regards to their environmentally conscious practices. In fact, 49 per cent of consumers claim they have changed their diet in the last two years to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. More and more, we’re seeing consumers use their voices and purchasing power to demand that companies practice fair and humane treatment of people and animals involved in every aspect of production. For instance, approximately 30 per cent of global consumers have actively boycotted a product or brand because of its ethical credentials, and 40 per cent seek out brands that guarantee farmers have been treated in an ethical manner.


“We collaborate directly with farmers within our vertically integrated supply chains to provide quality ingredients, including plant proteins, flavours, colours, sweetening solutions, oils and more. Notably, at Gulfood Manufacturing, we’ll be featuring vanilla sourced through SAVAN™ – our joint venture (JV) with Sahanala – in our delicious high protein shake concept. With this JV, we can trace back vanilla beans to the farm level. Moreover, the impact of SAVAN™ goes beyond sourcing quality vanilla. We help elevate farmers’ livelihoods, including income diversification, access to health care, education and more.”

Q. Have there been any recent key investments across ADM to enhance the company’s operations?

“Our partnerships and strategic investments are key components for advancement. Most notably, our recent acquisition of SojaProtein in Serbia enables us to grow our local footprint and expand our world-class textured protein capabilities in Europe and globally. By incorporating SojaProtein’s expertise and capabilities, we’re able to enhance our global non-GMO ingredient capacity while furthering speed-to-market, as well as address increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods. 

“This acquisition also provides us with important access to a well-established customer base in Southern Europe, while expanding our capabilities to meet regional needs for locally sourced soy products. Less than a year after the acquisition, we announced the opening of a new SojaProtein extrusion facility – greatly expanding our protein capabilities and production capacity to now offer both origination and extrusion capabilities of non-GMO soy protein for the European market.”

Q. Regarding ADM’s participation at Gulfood Manufacturing this year, what features can visitors to the company’s expo stand look forward to experiencing?

“At Gulfood Manufacturing, we’ll detail how consumer behaviour shifts are impacting the food and beverage industry, while showcasing the full breadth and depth of our capabilities and solutions as a full-service provider across categories, including beverages, sweet goods, dairy and savoury. Our booth will feature multiple interactive sensorial stations that dive into our extensive pantry of solutions, such as citrus capabilities, microbiome solutions, plant-based proteins and our Colors from Nature™ portfolio.

“Furthermore, we will be presenting during the show’s Innovation Tours, highlighting concepts focused on holistic well-being support and the market need for expanded, delicious plant-based offerings. 

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to showcase each of these solutions and further discuss how they help deliver on tomorrow’s trends today. Attendees of Gulfood Manufacturing can find ADM and experience our concepts at Booth #E6-4 (Hall 6).”

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