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Introducing Nu:tropic, the new brain-boosting nootropic snack bar brand

01/08/2022 – Products / Nu:tropic / Nootropic / Nutrition / Brain / Health / Snack Bars / Snacks

Introducing Nu:tropic, the new brain-boosting nootropic snack bar brand

From the creators of renowned nootropic brand Mind Lab Pro® comes Nu:tropic® – an innovative range of nootropic snack bars designed to boost daily brainpower and long-range cognitive function.

Newly launched brand Nu:tropic® is on a mission to help people improve their brain health and cognitive function. Nu:tropic® bars are set to shake up both the traditional snack and nootropic industry and, as the manufacturer puts it, “make daily brain health more user-friendly than ever before”.

Having seen incredible growth of both Mind Lab Pro® and Performance Lab® brands – with over one million bottles sold across six continents – the experts at parent company DTCX have now developed a range of nootropic snack bars. Nootropics are a class of substances that can boost brain performance. Nu:tropic® bars give people easy access to the key brain nutrients required for optimal daily cognitive function.

The snack bars will initially be available exclusively online at:

Giving a daily dose of brain nutrition

DTCX founder Dave Wright has identified what he calls ‘a national nutrition crisis’, with most people deficient in at least one key brain nutrient most of the time. This means many people’s brains are not functioning as efficiently as they could and should be. Nu:tropic® was created to fill this gap. Making it easy for people to get a daily dose of brain nutrition – with no compromise on taste.


“All our products have been innovated by us, for us. And we are our own best customers. But we aren’t the only ones looking to optimise our full human potential,” said  Mr Wright. “Using the very latest nutrition technology, we can help everybody to improve their daily health, wellbeing, and performance, individually and collectively. That is why we created Mind Lab Pro®, Performance Lab®, and now, Nu:tropic®.”

Unlike traditional nootropic supplements, which tend to be capsules and dissolvable powders, Nu:tropic® comes in the form of ultra-convenient snack bars.  

Beneficial for brain and body alike

The bars are made with premium Norwegian black oats and packed with the following essential brain nutrients – omega-3, phosphatidylserine, and choline – alongside vitamins, minerals, and gut-healthy prebiotic fibre. They come in the following delicious natural flavours: Apple & Cinnamon, Raisin & Almond; Salted Caramel, and Maple & Pecan. 

Each bar contains 150mg Omega DHA, is high in fibre, low in sugar and less than 200 calories – making it a healthy option for both the brain and body. Nu:tropic® bars are also 100-per-cent plant based and gluten-free.

“Nu:tropic® really is for everyone,” continued Mr Wright. “Supplements, drinks, and other forms of nootropic all come with their pros and cons, but being able to pick up a snack bar makes it easy to get the daily nutrition-hit our brain needs – anywhere, anytime.”

 He added that many people simply aren’t aware that they’re lacking nutrients in their diet which could help boost cognitive function, “which is why we want to help spread the word that Nu:tropic® is the world’s most user-friendly and best-tasting brain food!”

Nu:tropic® bars start from £2.50 per bar and officially launch on 1st August. To find out more, or purchase the innovative new snack bars online, visit:

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